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Welcome to my new chat page, thought it would be a

fantastic opportunity to give everyone the chance to

message me on this page and to be able to update you

on my thoughts and news.  


Feel free to send me a message about my career, or any questions or comments regarding autism or living with the condition.


I wanted to start off by saying a big thank you to all those followers and fans who have already sent me messages,

I will always do my best to reply to as many as I can, so

be rest assured they do not get ignored, I read all of them !

22nd Jan 2019

Hi everyone, thanks for all your lovely messages regarding my Daily Mail interview which was published this morning. (By Ruth Addicott)


 Page 47 of the newspaper or view online

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Daily Mail 


27th Feb 2019

I have received messages and questions enquiring as to what my favourite piece of music is that I enjoy singing. This is a difficult question to answer as there are so many amazing repertoires to mention, however I would have to say  'Sea Pictures' by Elgar. This is specifically written for the mezzo soprano voice and consists of 5 songs. I have performed it numerous times worldwide throughout my career with many different orchestras; you can hear me performing a couple of the songs with the National Symphony Orchestra of Bulgaria (audio section of my website or YouTube). I have also performed it many times with piano, which is equally enjoyable and have sung it with some wonderful pianists at many festivals including the Prague Spring Festival in the Czech Republic, Malta International Arts Festival and Oklahoma State Music Series in the USA. 

Another question posed is how I have managed the extent of international travel during my career and which airports have best facilitated this. The most important element of travelling for me is to be able to plan my journey in detail, this includes all the elements such as travelling to the airport. Years ago my agent would facilitate all this on my behalf, including arranging my flights, I found this caused me immense anxiety as I didn’t know my flight details until the last minute. I now choose my own flights in order that I can decide what would be best for me.

The best ‘autism friendly’ airport I have experienced to date is Gatwick; they will give you a lanyard to wear so you won't need to explain your condition to members of staff.  Most airports are very accommodating, Stanstead Airport staff, are amazing and cannot do enough to help, although Edinburgh Airport has won autism friendly awards I personally didn't find the staff very helpful. My favourite airport in the world is Munich in Germany, purely because the shops are great and no matter how busy it gets it always feels spacious ! 

My next flight will be from Luton

Airport in a few weeks and I would

recommend it, as it’s small and easy

to negotiate.  

20th Dec 2018

Firstly I want to apologise for the delay in publishing my singing book  'I wish I could sing', so many of you have asked me when it will be published. It's nearing completion and when it is released and on the shelves, I will let all you know the date so you can go and buy your own copy or order it on-line.


The book was due to have been finished this year but yet again it's been such another busy year with performances and interviews both home and abroad. My most recent interview is due to be published nationally, so keep your eyes peeled and await the update ! 




I was also delighted to have been

featured in the new Adam

Feinstein book,'Autism Works'

published by Routledge in

September 2018.

It is always a juggling act to be able to incorporate all these different aspects of my career, the requests for interviews and commitments to various organisations and groups, including my role as ambassador for Autism Wessex since 2017.


2018 has been another crazy year, by the way congratulations to everyone earlier this month on a great performance at the Sheldonian theatre in Oxford, I was the alto soloist in a sold-out performance of Saint- Sean's Christmas Oratorio, which was conducted by the wonderful Robert Secret; if you don't know the piece then have a listen, it is an amazing work.


Had a busy summer giving concerts with world renowned trumpeter Crispian Steele- Perkins and pianist Leslie pearson, one of the summer events was a concert held in the beautiful village of Shere, where we were delighted to be joined by the highly talented Classic FM presenter, soprano, Catherine Bott and her husband Stephen Henderson who is a highly recognised percussionist. He did us the honour of joining us in a few pieces; the day included a leisurely lunch in the soaring sun and heat of this year's wonderful summer; albeit the temperatures soared beyond what was comfortable !


More soon !