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With Sophia  

Welcome to my chat page, launched in 2019 I thought it would be a fantastic opportunity to give everyone the chance to message me on this page and to be able to update you on my thoughts and news.  


I wanted to start off by saying a big thank you to all those followers and fans who have already sent me messages,

I will always do my best to reply to as many as I can, so

be rest assured they do not get ignored, I read all of them !

So please feel free to message me with any questions or comments.

13th Jan 2020

Best wishes for 2020! 
Hi everyone hope you're all looking forward to this year. I'm currently preparing for upcoming performances and masterclasses, which of course will involve a lot of travelling.

First stop for 2020 will be Belgium!

12th December 2019

Hi folks, I have been traveling a lot this month but looking forward to the festive holiday season! 
Congratulations by the way to everyone for an amazing concert at Christchurch Priory last week!

25th November 2019

I'm pleased to announce I have signed a publishing contract with Olympia Publishers for my book 'I Wish I Could Sing', (singing book for beginners). I've needed to take some time away from performing this month due to putting the finishing touches to the book, which has been an exciting project. 
I am anticipating that the first copies will be rolling off the press in 2020.

24th October 2019

Hi folks, I have been busy performing this month, including one very special concert that deserves a special mention. A couple of weeks ago I was honoured to have been

invited to give a concert

at Highgrove House, the

beautiful home of Prince


Together with trumpeter

Crispian Steele- Perkins

& pianist Leslie Pearson,

we performed as varied

programme from Handel to

Gershwin. The event was a truly magical evening. 

27th September 2019

Thank you for all your recent messages, my apologies for not responding to as many as I had hoped but this month I've been incredibly busy. However I have a nice relaxing week ahead as my next performance will be in Dorset at the Weymouth Music Club, such a rare treat to be performing on my doorstep!


22nd Jan 2019

Hi everyone, thanks for all your lovely messages regarding my Daily Mail interview which was published this morning. (By Ruth Addicott)


                               Page 47 of the newspaper or view online

View Here

Daily Mail 

24th August 2019

Hi folks, this message is for everyone who has asked me when I will next be performing in London. 


'Last Night of the Proms' at Highams Park on Friday 13th of September. 

Click poster for details; hope to see you there! 

30th July 2019

Just wanted to say a special hello to some of the singers who had messaged me from masterclasses and concerts I have given over the years at various universities, close to my heart are the universities in the USA including Southeastern Oklahoma State University, University of North Texas, Edinboro University Pennsylvania, University of Missouri–St. Louis and the University of Massachusetts.  


Thank you for all your messages, I promise I will endeavour to respond as soon as I have the opportunity.

24th June 2019

Hi everyone, there is still time to catch me in the Colin Postig exhibition which is touring the UK throughout this year. I am so delighted to be featuring alongside other acclaimed personalities, including the celebrity Anne Hegerty.

Event is still running at The Art House, Drury Lane, Wakefield. Next stop will be Nottingham.  

22nd May 2019

Recently I have received a number of questions enquiring about singing in different languages. I have been asked how many different languages I sing in. During my career I have sung in numerous languages, in the last couple of weeks I have given concerts in Spanish, French, German and Italian, fortunately not all during the same concert.


I also sing in Maltese and Latin, but over recent years I've also sung pieces in Serbian, although I haven't quite mastered the language as a whole yet ! 


Despite singing fluently in so many languages, I don't actually speak them, however I can get by a little, in Spanish which by the way, is also my favourite language to sing in ! 

21st March 2019

So far this year, one of my

favourite performances was

on Sunday 17th March

where I performed at the

famous Kolarac Concert

Hall in Belgrade in Serbia.

I gave a recital with

acclaimed concert pianist

Sanja Stefanovic; the

programme included songs by Schumann,

Berlioz and Britten and was well received by

the attentive audience.


I consider this venue

as one of my top list

concert halls in the

world to perform in, it

has amazing acoustics

and despite the large

size of the hall, it feels

intimate and very

personal, as such it is

of no surprise that some of the most famous classical artists in history have graced the stage.


This is the second time that

I have given a recital at this

concert hall, the first being

in 2017, it is a very special

venue and holds great

memories for me.


The latest concert was also

recorded. Click below for

highlights from the 


Teresa Del Riego



27th Feb 2019

I have received messages and questions enquiring as to what my favourite piece of music is that I enjoy singing. This is a difficult question to answer as there are so many amazing repertoires to mention, however I would have to say  'Sea Pictures' by Elgar. This is specifically written for the mezzo soprano voice and consists of 5 songs. I have performed it numerous times worldwide throughout my career with many different orchestras; you can hear me performing a couple of the songs with the National Symphony Orchestra of Bulgaria (audio section of my website or YouTube). I have also performed it many times with piano, which is equally enjoyable and have sung it with some wonderful pianists at many festivals including the Prague Spring Festival in the Czech Republic, Malta International Arts Festival and Oklahoma State Music Series in the USA. 

20th Dec 2018

Firstly I want to apologise for the delay in publishing my singing book  'I wish I could

sing', so many of you have asked me when it will be published. It's nearing completion and when it is released and on the shelves,

I will let all you know the date so you can go and buy your own copy or order it on-line.


The book was due to have been finished this year but yet again it's been such another busy year with performances and interviews both home and abroad. My most recent interview is due to be published nationally, so keep your eyes peeled and await the update ! 


Whilst I'm on the subject of books, I was also delighted to have been featured in the new Adam Feinstein book, 'Autism Works' and was honoured to attend the book launch in September in London.

2018 has been another crazy year, by the

way congratulations to everyone earlier this month on a great performance at the Sheldonian theatre in Oxford, I was the alto soloist in a sold-out performance of Saint- Sean's Christmas Oratorio, which was conducted by the wonderful Robert Secret;

if you don't know the piece then have a

listen, it is an amazing work.


Had a busy summer giving concerts with

world renowned trumpeter Crispian Steele- Perkins and pianist Leslie pearson, one of

the summer events was a concert held in the beautiful village of Shere, where we were delighted to be joined by the highly talented Classic FM presenter, soprano, Catherine Bott and her husband Stephen Henderson who is a highly recognised percussionist. He did us the honour of joining us in a few pieces; the day included a leisurely lunch in the soaring sun and heat of this year's wonderful summer; albeit the temperatures soared beyond what was comfortable !


More soon !