Opera Star & Autism

Opera Star & Autism

Since being diagnosed in 2015, opera singer Sophia is also raising awareness and funding through guest appearances, concerts and media interviews worldwide in addition to her regular performances.

Sophia has performed for the opening ceremony of XI Autism-Europe International Congress in Scotland and has also been invited to perform her presentation titled 'Finding My Voice Through Singing' numerous times, including for ‘Inservice Autisme’ International Conference in Belgium.

One of Sophia's many guest appearances includes the Royal Albert Hall (main stage) where she also spoke on behalf of NAS about her life as an opera singer whilst living with autism.

Last year Sophia was invited to give a presentation for the Royal Academy and Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp as part of INSPIRE! 2020.

Sophia is also delighted to be featured in the book 'Autism Works' by Adam Feinstein, published by Routledge.

Sophia is currently featuring in the exhibition "You, Me And Autism Too" which is touring throughout the UK.

Sophia is proud to be appointed Ambassador for Autism Wessex along with Harry Redknapp and Geva Mentor.

Autism - Europe International









Autism Works

Sophia is featured

in Adam Feinstein's book,

'Autism Works'.

Published by Routledge


In 2020 Sophia was invited to give a talk for the Royal Academy and

Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp as part of INSPIRE! 2020.

"It was a fantastic event and everyone who attended said they gained some valuable knowledge and understanding of autism, from the challenges to the positives of being a student, to achieving an international career.
I thoroughly enjoyed the session and meeting all the staff and organisers involved. I was very impressed with the conservatoire and facilities it offers, what a wonderful place for students to study!


Read Sophia's interview with the Daily Mail


It is always a juggling act to be able to incorporate all the different aspects of my career as an opera singer as I also have many requests for interviews, plus commitments to various organisations.

I receive a lot of messages about autism. I love receiving your messages and I do my best to answer as many as I can.


Your Autism Magazine 

Exhibition Tour

Colin Potsig exhibition tour “You, Me And Autism Too”. Sophia is delighted to be featuring alongside other acclaimed personalities, including celebrities Anne Hegarty and Alan Gardner. The event is still running at The Art House, Drury Lane, Wakefield, next stop will be at City Arts, Nottingham.


Thanks for all your recent questions, especially regarding how I have managed the extent of international travel during my career and which airports have best facilitated this. The most important element of travelling for me is to be able to plan my journey in detail, this includes all the elements such as travelling to the airport. Years ago my agent would facilitate all this on my behalf, including arranging my flights, I found this caused me immense anxiety as I didn’t know my flight details until the last minute. I now choose my own flights in order that I can decide what would be best for me.

The best autism-friendly airport I have experienced to date is Gatwick; they will give you a lanyard to wear so you won't need to explain your condition to members of staff.  Most airports are very accommodating, Stanstead Airport staff, are amazing and cannot do enough to help, although Edinburgh Airport has won autism-friendly awards I personally didn't find it helpful. My favourite airport in the world is Munich in Germany, purely because the shops are great and no matter how busy it gets it always feels spacious!