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If you have ever wished you could sing, now you can, with this very simple guide to improving your voice – so no more embarrassing renditions of 'Happy Birthday' at the party!

Happy singing folks!


I Wish I Could Sing, is a detailed, but simple to follow guide, for burgeoning and amateur singers and vocalists to improve their singing voice and boost their confidence in their ability. With the notion that the voice is a natural instrument, with practice, it can be taught and perfected. Written by mezzo-soprano Sophia Grech, an internationally acclaimed opera singer with a career spanning over two decades, your voice is in the safest of hands. With useful tips and exercises from an expert and talent in her field, Sophia deftly offers advice and information on how you can get started and become the talented singer you have always wished to be - and from the comfort of your own home! So, for all the budding vocalists out there, what are you waiting for? Your strong, powerful voice awaits.

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